Speech Enabled Switches 


Use your voice to switch on a lamp, fan, radio, decorative lights, or  anything else that plugs into a standard 120 volt AC wall outlet (up to 8 Amps or 880 Watts).  Speech Switch allows you to control a lamp or an appliance by saying the word “Switch”.  When Speech Switch hears the word “switch”, it will switch the lamp on if it was off, or switch the lamp off if the light was on.

No Setup Needed:

Simply plug the Speech Switch into a wall outlet, and then plug your lamp or other device that you want to control by voice into the Speech Switch.  It’s that easy!  No tools or other setup required.


Speech Switch Demonstration:

Speech Switch Demo

Speech Selection Technology allows the Speech Switch to distinguish  background noise from a command.  The short video demonstration illustrates a TV creating background noise while Speech Switch is able to respond to commands.


Speech Switch Operation:

Speech Switch has two options for operating a device that’s connected to it:

  1. Voice command – Say the word “Switch”
  2. Button – Press the green button


Audio indicator:

Speech Switch also provides audio indicators:

  • Two tones on startup to indicate the Speech Switch is listening for a voice command
  • Device On/Off Tones
    • Low tone then a high tone for On
    • High tone then a low tone for Off


Privacy Guaranteed:

Speech Switch doesn’t use a smart phone, has no recording abilities, and has no connection to the Internet or phone lines so your privacy is secure from eavesdropping.


Warranty to ensure full customer satisfaction:

  • Switch Module provides full 1 year warranty on parts and labor for all it’s products.
  • Full money back guaranty for the first 90 days.


To inquire about SwitchModule products send email to: request-info@switchmodule.com